Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life drawing

Not one of my best, I think. It was a lovely sunny day but the model wanted the fan heater on the whole time. I was trying not to warp the paper with my hot hands! I was struck again by how strange human faces look when lying down with gravity pulling the skin in strange ways around the neck so again I left the face blank.

B pencil.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Life drawing

Getting a likeness was a bit of a struggle this week. I feel I've failed to either do the lines or the shading well but overall it looks better than it felt to do! Hairy chests are new to me and, I realised, not too easy to draw well! One of the artists mentioned that drawing new models was more difficult and I think I agree, I could have done with more time to get more sketches done, perhaps a study of the face too.

B and 3B pencil.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Life drawing

A strange thing happened at life drawing yesterday. I hadn't picked up a pencil all week, I had been rushing around a DIY shop with Mark before the life class (at an unearthly hour of the morning for me!) so I had to rush to get there in time. I sat down, opened the sketchbook and just plunged right in. No settling myself, checking angles and measuring, no deep breaths and emptying my mind of all other things, I just picked up the pencil and drew, and amazingly it all seems to fall into place. I think I'm happier with these two drawing than with any of the others I've done. This week I concentrated on lines. I added a little shading and I was happy with the composition so I left it here and started another.

The poses look quite different without the second hand, I think. I tried to give the lines some varying weight. Some of my figures have looked almost like cut-outs but I feel I've made some improvement here. The hand draped on the back of the chair gave me some trouble - at first it looked like a tarantula and I was tempted after a while to simply rub it out and forget it, but with a bit of perseverence it's not too bad although it could be better! HB and 3B pencil.