Friday, June 15, 2007

Life drawing

I loved this pose. Mostly the poses seem to be lying down which I have come to realise I don't like but this looked relaxed and natural. The model turned up late and then this pose turned out to be too difficult to keep so all in all it wasn't one of the easiest sessions. The legs were changed slightly to make it more comfortable so the shading and perspective were different and then later she seemed to give up the pose altogether! I gave up on the hands because she kept moving them but all in all I'm happy with the drawing. B pencil on A3 cartridge paper.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Life drawing

I was hoping to concentrate on hands and feet today but that wasn't easy with this pose! Oh well. I was determined however to do two or more drawings today so at least I achieved that goal. I got a little more caught up in the shading than I wanted to, trying to make that twist in the back work, so I set a time limit and stopped myself.

A quick sketch. I quite enjoyed the first drawing and my concentration went a bit off with this one. Initially I drew the face but it was so strange (from gravity and being squashed) that I rubbed it out again. I didn't have time to improve on this or I would have tried making those feet look better. B pencil.

Friday, June 01, 2007

EDM # 23 Draw your foot

For each of the challenges, EDM asks that you journal a bit about them and thinking about it I have quite a lot to say about feet but I'll keep it short here! I don't think I've ever had a compliment about mine, plenty of jokes about how big or long or knobbly my toes are but of all the things about myself I would like to change and worry about, surprisingly my feet are not one of them. They are what they are and if I did hate them, what could I do anyway? And besides, they have some great shapes and shadows to draw! If there is any foot I'd like to draw more, it's my brother's - his are like mine but even more exaggerated. So far he has declined but I see that Alex's feet are getting interesting!

HB and B pencil - and a very useful subject for drawing when sat in front of the TV!