Monday, January 26, 2009

Face from the cloisonné factory

The owner of the Chinese dog I nicknamed 'the little emperor', guarding the cloisonné factory just outside Beijing. It was good to get away from the grey faces of the Forbidden City and also to use colours in the clothes that complimented the skin tones! I used the usual combination of colours in the skin- Light Yellow Ochre and Venetian Red for the base layers - but also a lot of Polychromos Burnt Ochre in this man's skin to give it a warmer glow. Then over that I tried to show how weathered and leathery his skin was. although I have to say this is really only 90% finished. Last week was so stressful (mentioned on my other blog) that I really just hadn't the energy to finish it properly. The wrinkles on the forehead need a little softening, the chin made slightly less angular, the neck more shading and the jacket less sketchy. But overall I like it as it looks close to a sort of drawing style I like and not too photo realistic. It's probably the first drawing I've done where I've actually enjoyed doing the wrinkles too!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Face at the Fobidden City

Finally, it's finished. In my last post I scanned it at the stage I enjoy most - with just the face - because after that it's just decoration and I get impatient to finish up! There are a few things about this that I'm not happy with but I'm keen to do something else now and I want to call it done.

I used a combination of Polychromos Burnt Carmine and Scarlet Red on the cap. It was actually much brighter in the photo but I felt that would overpower the face and the Burnt Carmine went better with the skin tones. I used Black to shade. I didn't have the right blue for the jacket so it's made up of layers of Polychromos Cold Grey and (Faber Castell) Albrecht Durer Dark Indigo. I try to avoid using the Albrecht Durer pencils as they are watersoluble but I didn't have anything close in the Polychromos of Lyras. There is a barely noticable background of Polychromos Sky Blue just because I felt like it - you'd probably never see a blue sky in Beijing! I'm not sure who these men were wearing red caps at the Forbidden City but they looked as if they were there to keep an eye on everyone.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Work in progress

Work in progress sounds like I'm digging up the road and putting a mains pipe in, don't you think? No, I'm pottering away at this drawing but with one thing and another I'm just snatching minutes occasionally and losing the continuity. It's a bit of a drag doing any scanning now I have the new laptop which doesn't work with the old scanner otherwise I might have posted another step by step. I just wanted to scan it as this is the point I got to yesterday and I've been have some problems shading the neck.

Here, I'm fairly happy with the face and have to finish the ear but I've erased an area under the jaw as it wasn't looking right. It didn't have depth and the colours are not right. Colours used so far : Lyra Rembrandt Cinnamon, Venetian Red, Dark Violet and Warm Slate Grey, Polychromos Light Yellow Ochre, Burnt Ochre, Magenta and Black. Light Yellow Ochre and Venetian Red are the two base layers - I always start with the yellow as it seems to give a glow under the other layers. Dark Violet is a new one for me and I used it on the shadow across his eyes but I haven't yet worked out what colour to use for the neck. So now, tea break over, back to work!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

TV sketches

As this blog hasn't been updated in a while, I thought I'd better show the rest of the TV sketches I've done. Above, on Celebrity Mastermind, Mick Hucknall of Simply Red, and below him, comedian Mel Smith.

A Palestinian face, from the news, and below him, a contestant on Mastermind.

New detective series called Wallander, set in Sweden which I really enjoyed. This is Kenneth Branagh who plays Wallander. I was really impressed with his acting!

Adding some colour to the Sky News sketches but I think it was a mistake! Guest David Kuo, above, financial advisor. He always has some really good advice and given in a way anyone can understand. I can't remember the name of the other man but he looked very stern.

Sky News editor Tim Marshall, above, and below him guest Lord Digby Jones.

Contestants on Mastermind. I like to draw from this show as I have a chance to do it in real time - the camera pans in slowly and they each appear twice.

Top is a TV sketch - I liked her profile and glasses, and below is a lady I sat behind on the tram.