Monday, January 24, 2011

Postcard from my Walk

I'm taking part in a postcard exchange with some of the fantastic artists on the Sketchercise group. Cathy Gatland, in South Africa created this brilliant logo, above, and you can follow our progress on the new blog at Probably goes without saying I'm feeling pretty nervous about this but hopefully it will be less nerve wracking with practice! At the moment, I tend to paint the things - usually leaves - I collect on my walks but I think this will inspire me to come up with other ideas. I know from doing my fabric postcards that the small format is fun to work with and I enjoy the challenge of coming up with different compositions.

Check out the new postcard blog for all the introductions. We'll be sending out the cards this week so the postcards will be appearing on the group blog very soon.

This blog has been very quiet as I took some time out, but now I'm feeling inspired again so I hope to have something to post soon!